Therapeutic Services for Women

I have worked with women of all ages - from groups of at-risk adolescent girls to middle-age women making a career change. I have found that most of my clients, particularly women, thrive if provided a safe, caring and supportive environment. I have helped women who have experienced the following challenges:

  •   Grief and Loss
  •   Depression and Anxiety
  •   Personal Growth
  •   Life transitions
  •   Healthy relationships for young women
  •   Domestic Violence
  •   Recovery from Trauma and Abuse
  •   Mindfulness
  •   Balancing work and motherhood

 Specialty counseling for Infertility, Loss and Beyond

The process of trying to conceive can be wonderful for many, but it can be a stressful, disappointing journey for those who are struggling to get pregnant or to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Therapy during this difficult time can help women identify and express their feelings of anger, guilt, blame, fear, anxiety, grief, and failure.  I understand the complexities of learning that your journey to motherhood will never be as you imagined. My hope is that I can also serve as a resource to you in regards honoring your personal options and decisions as you navigate through the often unsupportive medical community.

I offer counseling to support you through your individual journey to motherhood including:

  •    Primary and secondary infertility
  •    Pregnancy loss
  •    Stillbirth and infant death
  •    High risk pregnancy
  •    Pregnancy after loss
  •    Adoption after infertility