Therapeutic Services for Adolescents

Some children, usually older children, especially benefit from the safe, non-judgmental environment of individual therapy. Others get more out of family work that improves communication and healthy systems in the home. Developing a trusting relationship with a therapist can help empower teens to develop healthy relationships, positive coping skills, good self-esteem, to become happier and more resilient, and to help them confidently achieve their goals.

I offer counseling with a large variety of issues affecting adolescents including:

  •    Depression
  •    Anxiety
  •    Anger management
  •    School problems
  •    Body image
  •    Adjustment disorders
  •    Conduct disorder
  •    Grief and loss
  •    Teen pregnancy
  •    Self-injury
  •    Suicidal ideations
  •    Victims of physical and sexual abuse